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Pull out the parts of your Kit. This will include: 3D printed “Badge”, CR2032 Battery, Magnetic Backing, and 5mm Color Change LED

Locate the LED and CR2032 Battery and Open The package.
Find the Orientation of the LED that lights up against the two sides of the Battery. (This should be the long side of the LED on the “+” side and short n the unmarked side.
Fold the Side out of the LED at the base of the LED.
Fold the next part in on the Indent of the LED Lead (wires).
Lift the Right LED lead wire and slide in the CR2032 Battery with the “+” side down. Then, shove the LED down into the slot, this will create a pressure fit.Touch the other side of the LED lead to the unmarked side and watchit light up.
Grab the Magnetic Backing and take off the sticky tape protector, Align with the Top of the Badge covering the LED.
Attach to Shirt and enjoy! Battery is replaceable by any CR2032 and can be purchased at most convience stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets.

GDG North America Summit

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Example Code:

This is an example implementation of the Facebook connectionclass library with the Natve broadcast receiver from ChilldoftheHorn’s BABBQNetworkReceiver to determine the best network speed standards and classifiers to use dynamically througha combination of radio information, download speed, and system broadcasts.

This is in progress to get DisplayMetrics and conversion to a library. This will provide a simple integer return value to make best network performance decision engine for your application!



Hot off the presses tonight! A Women Techmakers Keycap!
Screenshot from 2016-02-10 00:26:06WTM_keycap_on_Keyboard
I have included Stemless as well if you would like to add in your own unique stem type (for those with rubber-dome or Topre keyboards). Covers all major Mechanical Keyboards with Cherry MX and Alps (Matias) compatible Stems. ! will print off a couple of these on Shapeways to make sure they fit 100%.


It was SOOO COOOL to do this interview with Natalie Villalobos (Head of Women Techmakers) at the Big Android BBQ!