I agree with the members of the Northwestern University Football team in organizing a Labor Union. I may not agree with the form being a Labor Union, but there are some key items to address with the NCAA and its practices since the 1950′s. DIVISION I sports like Football and Basketball have become insane money-makers and constitute a multi-billion dollar industry that is bigger in $$$ and participants than Professional sports here in the US. If this is the best way they have found to do it, I would be remiss to not support them in basic labor laws that even graduate students, student researchers, etc. are covered by.  

Northwestern is my alma-mater. Its is one of those rare DIV 1 schools where football, basketball, soccer, fencing, etc. players are NOT treated any differently (socially or financially). They live in normal dorms, eat at normal dining halls, work out, and go to class literally with everyone else (unlike many schools where they have a private dorm, facilities, etc.).

Northwestern is also rare in its guarantee of scholarship. You get injured playing a sport for NU, you keep your scholarship and we will do what we can to get you better. EVEN STANFORD DOES NOT DO THIS. I am unaware of any other DIV 1 school that does.

Yes, I had friends on the football team and I have even had conversations with Coach Fitz a number of times in my tenure (a wonderful person and coach by all accounts).

So, quite literally, they are doing this for everyone else. There are a bunch of football players in DIV 1 NCAA schools that are genuinely frightened as all they have is football. They are pushed through a system and can barely spell as they were brought in regardless of their academic achievement. DIV 1 Basketball and football are MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR SPORTS. There are state schools that COUNT on that money to keep tuition where it is (many California schools do this).

This is NOT about payment. The NCAA will undoubtedly claim that it is.
Its about simple guarantees that would happen even if you were an unpaid volunteer at a hospital.

Why is it that a Graduate student can get free tuition and guaranteed medical benefits and a student-athlete can’t?

To the money comment, what would be the real implication of $3k/year for incidentals? Its the money amount that is listed in their OWN costs estimates that are given to organizations like US News and World Report.

For your own information, some of the Marching Band members of certain schools receive stipends for being in the band. Marching Bands in DIV 1 demand 20-25 hours a week (3-4 hours/day, 4 days a week + GameDay (12 hours, starting at 6AM pickup)) . No band member gets paid at Northwestern (other than instructors and Graduate assistants), but I know of a few.

I have heard of no outrages that some Marching Band members be paid or get scholarships.

The average Football Team member does 6-8 hours a day of training during the season and 12 hour days on game day. Then, count in travel time and summer training (which makes it darn near impossible to get an internship since you only get 1 month of total time off) and you have what constitutes a full time job..

How can you tell someone who was injured playing for you mid-season in their Sophomore year and unable to play the game that they no longer have a scholarship? In cases where there are academically challenged players who rely on those study-helpers that are supplied at many DIV 1 schools, how can you also take away their only way to succeed and learn while at a university?

Northwestern University consistently has the highest graduation rate in DIV 1 sports (pretty much all of them). Northwestern University does the best at this, but they are bound by the NCAA system as well. Its antiquated at best and they pay lawyers lots of money to keep this system where they have all the control. A gilded cage is still a cage.

This one is going to be extremely difficult for anyone to replicate as both pieces required have not bee in production for almost 17 years!



I had been working with this theory for a while. Isodynamic drivers for headphones actually do better in controlled airspace enclosures than in damped, open air systems.  

You would need:

Sony MDR-CD750/950/1000 Shell

Basically, you would need to extract and rebuild the driver in the Fostex T20v2 which is very difficult and plastc meld the two sides back together again. Not for a Novice!Fostex T20v2 Headphone

Then, Mount and Secure those drivers to the Baffle for the MDR-CD750/950/1000 shell (MDR-CD750 will require more work on the baffle as its set for smaller drivers). You must also attach Aussie felt to the back of the Fostex Driver.

The shells need to be damped internally with PC damping foam with adhesive backing, plugging of all ports with StickyTac, AND possibly drill out the right shell for direct wiring (original wiring is VERY thin with relatively low conductance).

What you end up with is something that is more comfortable than the original Fostex T20v2 and sounds better than even the standard mods for the Fostex T20v2. The biggest differences are in the soundstage and airiness of the high end as well as more extension in both ends of the spectrum. Please try something like this on your own!

I spent over an hour in waiting for a rep and between scripted answers.

UPS feel free to take this as a service example of how to not do things when a customer is trying to make it right for you.

This is a straight copy of the conversation (other than the tracking #):

Screenshot from 2013-12-12 20:01:39


Status: Connected
 Chris P. (Listening)
Initial Question: Can this package be routed to a new location, since it was out for delivery today and got CHANGED to tomorrow?
 Chris P.: Hi, this is Chris P.. I’ll be happy to assist you.
 Chris P.: I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your package yet. Just a moment while I review your tracking information.
 stacy: ok
 stacy: XXXXXXXXXXX169
 stacy: It was to be delivered today
 stacy:  it was out for delivery this morning
 Chris P.: Is it going to a residential address?
 stacy: yes.
 stacy:  I was wondering if I could get it sent to my office building since it was delayed
 stacy: and could you tell me the reason why it was not delivered
 stacy:  I didnt get any kind of slip or attempt to deliver
 Chris P.: Unfortunately, the package was left at the UPS facility. Although severe winter conditions in many areas have cleared, the past weather and heavy volume have resulted in a temporary backlog of packages in some areas. We are able to identify the areas with a backlog and send additional employees to help clear it up. This is why it’s rescheduled for delivery tomorrow.
 stacy: Looks like it was left in a UPS facility….
 Chris P.: Once the driver makes a delivery attem
pt we can process a delivery change for you. Or, if you want to expedite the process, you can register online for UPS My Choice and make the request approximately 90 minutes after completing the registration process. Please note that on occasion shippers will restrict this option.
 stacy: can you now tell it to go to a different address?
 stacy: thats unreasonable
 stacy:  given it was a filure in the delivery service, the streets have been drivable all week
 stacy: you missed one real day of deliveries as you do not deliver on sat
 Chris P.: I understand your point. UPS will have to follow the address given by the shipper. We need to make at least 1 delivery attempt before you can request for a delivery change using the infonotice that will be left by the driver. If you want to change it prior to the delivery date, you may do it online through UPS My Choice.
 stacy: Lets point this out a bit… the location
of the package was less than 5 miles to my house
 stacy: the place it originated was less than 5 miles
 stacy: What is the policy if you fail to deliver tomorrow?
 stacy: Are you giving away UPS my choice vouchers for the delay?
 Chris P.: Packages receive one delivery attempt per day on three consecutive business days. Depending on the restrictions of your shipper, you can change the delivery using your infonotice.
 stacy: I know that your prices did not change
 stacy: So, you are saying that today was a burner against my 3 attempts… though it had no issue with me?
 stacy: In all honesty a 1 working day del
ay should not have caused UPS to shut down.
 stacy: Is there a way that I can pick it up at the facility?
 stacy: Proof of identity with my address and name as it appears on the package?
 stacy: I have a very distinct feeling that I am one of many people that you are currently attending to
 stacy: Are you still there?
 Chris P.: I’m sorry if you feel that way.   The package can be held for pickup starting tomorrow until 12/19/13 at:

10155 MONROE
DALLAS, TX 75229-5706
 stacy: Can I pick uup tonight?
 stacy:  What time is it open until
 stacy:  I am literally down the street from teh facility tonight
 stacy: I could walk there stacy: Any answer on office hours?
 Chris P.: It is not yet at the position that it’s available for pickup tonight. We can arrange it for pickup starting tomorrow for 5 business days.
 stacy: seriously?
 stacy: Its an Xmas present for someone
 stacy:  and they are leaving tomorrow
 stacy: Is it truely unavailable?
 stacy: Though its at the facility…
 stacy:  apparently it cannot be picked up… so the tracking isn’t accurate?
 stacy: wow, gotta say that this is pretty low on the customer service end
 Chris P.: It is not accessible at the moment. They will have to sort it at the facility tonight to make it available for pickup tomorrow.
 stacy: the lack of answers and delays between things is very … well… telling
 stacy: Can you arange for early delivery tomorrow
 stacy:  ?
 stacy: Its a Office gift
 stacy: Is that a possibility
 stacy:  send it with the other overnight deliveries?
 stacy: I need to have it for the gift xchange
 Chris P.: Residential delivery times vary based on the driver’s route and how many packages must be delivered. We can arrange it for pickup so you can pick it up as early as 8 AM tomorrow.

 stacy: That facility is only near a place I am tonight
 stacy:  not where I work
 stacy: Hmmm… you say that, but every time that I do overnight to a residential address… it gets there early morning. Esp. if marked for early morning delivery
 stacy: I am asking for it to be marked for early morning delivery
 Chris P.: We offer time-definite express services, but the shipper of your package selected UPS Ground.   This service does not have a time commitment.  We attempt delivery when we are in your neighborhood. We’re unable to change the service type at this point.
 Chris P.: I wish I could have helped you furthe

r. These are the options available on my end. I also suggest that you contact AMAZON so they can check alternate options for you.
 stacy: Regardless of everything here… you are going to do exactly as you said in teh beginning, less I had you $50 for a fudge-up done by UPS
 stacy: Am I understanding this clearly
 stacy:  that apparently i can request a package be held, but not change the address
 stacy: that ludicous
 Chris P.: Customer service is not yet able to change the delivery address since we haven’t attempted to deliver your package yet. Also, please note that address change will also cause a delay in the shipment of at least 1 business day.
 stacy: then what dept. can and what do I do to work with them
 stacy: it was not amazon, it was woot using ama
zon fulfillment services
 Chris P.: UPS is unable to change the delivery address prior to a delivery attempt. This is what the shipper paid for. We have to follow their request before you can change the delivery of a package. The delivery change that is allowed at this point is to hold it for pickup at the local UPS facility.
 stacy: funny… all of my fedex stuff arrived today
 stacy: ordered on the same day… shipped by a retailer 10 miles away on the same day as this was
 Chris P.: Unfortunately, I don’t have any other resolution options to provide.  At this point, further discussion via chat is not productive.  I am sorry that I am not able to completely resolve your situation through chat support.
 stacy: honestly chris, I know that the lack of organization in your organization is not your fault
 stacy:  but the truth of the matter here is that you are not giving any solutions, unless i pay you more
 stacy:  for a mistake posted to a customer
 stacy: good day
So there you go UPS. Way to screw up a HOLIDAY!

Welcome to Halloween 2013!

Stacy "The Droid" Wylie for Halloween 2013!

Stacy “The Droid” Wylie for Halloween 2013!

Time to Completion = 1 Hour


- 12inch Round Hollow Half Styrofoam Ball (Craft Store ~$10)

- 1 1/2 inch foam tubes (got in a Pack $4.99)

- Blue Acrylic Paint ($1.99)

- 2 Toothpicks (FREE from any restaurant)

- 2 or 3 sheets of Blue Posterboard ($1.10/sheet)

- Tape (Blue painters tape/scotch tape/whatever you have)

- Blue 550 Paracord ($1.99)

- Some Screwdriver or knife to poke holes (who doesn’t have something to poke holes?  FREE)


Step 1 – Outline and Paint your Round Styrofoam 


Step 2 - Cut and Paint your Antennae

Step 3 – Put The Toothpicks halfway in the bottom of your Antenae

Step 4 - Push the Antennae into the Styrofoam “head”

Step 5 - Cut some Paracord and Thread through some Strap holes


Step 6 - Tape together sheets of Posterboard into a cylinder

Step 7 - Poke Holes in the Cylinder for Strap holes 

Step 8 - Wear it! 


LEDgoes are a Modular LED Display system that my husband and I developed.


LEDgoes -- Kicktraq Mini


We Designed the Hardwre, firmware, and all software. It is also 100% Open Source!

Linux Mint 13 / Ubuntu 12.04


Linux Mint 14 /Ubuntu 12.10




VirtualBox Rules File


Setting Up VBOX

1. Install both packages (just click on them or use dpkg)
2. Open a Terminal (insert your username in place of “username”)

su -
groupadd vboxusers
usermod -G vboxusers -a username
chmod 660 /dev/vboxdrv
chgrp vboxusers /dev/vboxdrv

3. Open a Terminal from the /Udev Rules folder

su -s
cp -f 10-vboxdrv.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/


Now you have full USB 2.0 Data in Virtual Box!

Soo I bought a Logitech K810 Keyboard because I use a lot of different devices at my desk and I needed something equipped for travel.

My main machines are Linux (usually a variant of Linux Mint). Well The blueZ stack for LM and Ubuntu LTS did NOT work with this keyboard (though 11 did…).

Anyway, I was able to get this to work by following these steps:

*must have bluez-hcidump installed*

*Start the pairing proceedure for your device*

Open a First Terminal: 

“hcitool scan”

This will give you a BT address of the device you are trying to attach to.

Open a Second Terminal :

“sudo hcidump -at”

You will see below

Screenshot from 2013-02-22 16:05:05 In the First Terminal: 

“sudo bluez-simple-agent hci0 XX:XX….”

In the Second Terminal: 

Look for “passcode: ******* ”

Type it on the keyboard and hit enter

In the First Terminal:

You will see “Release /n New Device (/org/bluez/1129/hci0/dev_00_XX…)”

Yay, you have added the device!

“sudo bluez-test-device trusted 00:XX…  yes”

“sudo bluez-test-input connect 00:XX…”

The whole thing will look like

Screenshot from 2013-02-22 16:03:42

And your Device will appear in your standard menu from now on and will work instantly on boot!

Screenshot from 2013-02-22 16:25:59


After a bunch of work, I present to you WORKING CLOCKWORKMOD!

IMG_20130115_122504*Big thanks to those of you who worked on the d2att, that code was invaluable for getting a working graphics driver and some unknowns I could not see.*

You can also use this to get ROOT!

I built this on the SGH-497, but is might very well work because many of the ramdisk files for the recovery were written for the SGH-497 and SGH-T779 on the code. LET ME KNOW IF THIS WORKS FOR THE T-MOBILE VARIANT. Funny thing is that they used the SAME CODENAME as the non-d2-based Galaxy Tab 2 for the codename of this device. Therefore I am calling it the espresso10att to separate it a bit.

- Windows Computer with Samsung Drivers installed
- Odin if on Windows/Heimdall on Linux
- sdcard in the /sdcard slot

1. Download my Odin package HERE

2. Download SuperSu from Chainfire and copy to your sdcard:

3. Open Odin (as administrator) and hit the “PDA” button, remember to uncheck the reset

4. Mount Device into Download Mode (PWR, Vol) and Hit go on Odin once it appears.

5. Once Finished, Reboot into Recovery

6. Backup your existing image

7. Flash SuperSu from SDcard

8. Winning.

****In the process of doing this, I had to bust my /system in order to get the files required.
I would strongly appreciate if anyone can send me a copy of their boot.img and either a copy of their system.img or system.tar.ext4 made by clockworkmod. ****

Part of doing this was integrating everything with the d2-variant build chains in CM9 and CM10. Therefore a CM9 port should be quickly forthcomming. My Github will have all of this code up there soon, I have a bit of cleaning to do….and comment adding.

Thanks Guys!

So some of you know that I kinda was in a bind this weekend, found my way out and with the help of some folks like kermione96 and utkanos.
Remember that these are UNOFFICIAL and to be used for your own purposes! No guarantees. CC, Apache, etc...

ClockworkMod Touch (All variants): 

I also made some Recovery Images for Odin for the ATT Crowd:  

Root, Recovery, CWM (basic) ATT ONLY: (unzip with 7zip first) 

STOCK, no Root, stock recovery ATT: (unzip with 7zip first): 

If anyone has the Courage to try this and can send me the Output files (xbackup.img where x is a number) along with what their carrier is and Odin Flash Counter #, it could be helpful. If we knew where the Modems were, it would help with future updates, etc without loosing root.

Android Script to Download:

Run in Terminal:
adb push sysmaybe /data/local/tmp
adb shell
(su if you have root)
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod 755 sysmaybe


Try triangle away from chainfire.
It is not compatible with this device, so as of yet it will not reset your counter to 0. However, the attempt does reset something I do not yet know and allows you to connect to the the LTE (found this to be an LTE connection issue on an ATT device after recovering).

I had a bit of a kerfuffle doing fancy Notifications for Android that needed to look and work the same on Honeycomb (3.x) , ICS (4.0.X), and JellyBean (4.1 – 4.2) (API11-16) . This was because the Google Android developers page….is wrong-ish..The Function Example Below shows you how to access many of the Fancier (IO 2012) Notification Abilities and appearance and add them to your application for consistent notifications to the user of status in an easy way. (Like a VPN Tunnel,  Private Wifi, Security Apps).

The way that this function uses the context of wherever  it is called and is placed in the code, allows you to use a single function that can update with multiple abilities for the user. For instance in my application, I have two critical components that must be functioning in order to maintain a connected state and a want to display real-time information from a system service. To be extremely fast and accurate, it is much better to simply call this function every time that the status of one of those items changed (on signalChanged, onLocationChanged, etc). It is also much more battery efficient, since you are waiting and only updating when required. This is important when you have an ongoing notification and/or application.

import java.io.*; //just always a good idea.....
 import android.graphics.*; //for our image conversion
 import android.app.Activity; // normal
 import android.app.Notification;
 import android.app.NotificationManager;
 import android.app.PendingIntent;
private void alertNotification(){ //Normally we would be starting the function with Context context
 //We use this. instead of context because we will be calling it from multiple places and within other running services
       NotificationManager notificationManager = (NotificationManager)this.getSystemService(Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE);
//Declare your New builder for your notification (This is slightly different from the Google example, but cleaner since we call it multiple ways )
       Notification.Builder builder = new Notification.Builder(this);
//Make sure that your syntax is correct for all of the info you will display
        String dbs = Integer.toString(decibels); String titles = null; String texts = null;
//Conditional Statements to change the Icons and Information
      if (connection_state == "Connected" ){
               titles = "Connected to System";
               texts = "Signal: " + dbs + "db " ;
               icon = R.drawable.connected_icon; // Small icon = 48pix or 36pix for xhdpi/hdpi
               l_icon = R.drawable.icon_connected; //Same size as launcher icons
       if(connection_state != "Connected" ){
               l_icon = R.drawable.icon_start;
               titles = "Not Connected to System";
               texts = "Searching for Connection";
               icon = R.drawable.start_icon;
// We have to convert a Drawable Resource to Bitmap using
        Bitmap large_icon = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(this.getResources(),l_icon);
//One Builder for both options of Connection
        .setContentTitle(titles) //Give it a title (String)
        .setContentText(texts) //Give a bit more detail (String)
        .setSmallIcon(icon) //Icon that appears in the Staus Bar and right bottom corner of Notification (R.drawable)
        .setNumber(decibels)// Only found this to work on CERTAIN API16 Devices (must be int) to dispay a number next to your icon
        .setTicker(titles) // The pop-up Text in Status Bar when the Notification is Called
        //.setPriority(1) Does Not allow for API11 - API15
        .setOngoing(true) // Cannot Have the icon Swept away, also forces it to the top in most cases
        .setLargeIcon(large_icon) //Icon to Appear on the Big Left Area
         //******************* //Pay attention here as it is NOT COVERED IN THE API DOCS BY GOOGLE!
 //You know where is says use .builder(), don't as its ONLY valid for API16+ or 4.1+ //******************* 
//Define what you just built as the Notification that you plan to use
         Notification notification = builder.getNotification();
//Run and Set your Notification!
         notificationManager.notify(R.drawable.ic_launcher, notification);