Seven part Series that takes you through the entire process of learning Android to build your own apps. No previous programing experience required! Taught for Free by myself as part of GDG Dallas. Follow @DoesitPew

My Class Series on Intro to Android!

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Women Techmakers Earrings

Pull out the parts of your Kit. This will include: 3D printed “Badge”, CR2032 Battery, Magnetic Backing, and 5mm Color Change LED Locate the LED and CR2032 Battery and Open The package. Find the Orientation of the LED that lights up against the two sides of the Battery. (This should […]

Women Techmakers Light-up Badges Build Instructions

Example Code: This is an example implementation of the Facebook connectionclass library with the Natve broadcast receiver from ChilldoftheHorn’s BABBQNetworkReceiver to determine the best network speed standards and classifiers to use dynamically througha combination of radio information, download speed, and system broadcasts. This is in progress to get DisplayMetrics […]

Android Network Decision App